About Us

Dragon Cloud Tea: A Journey of Cultural Heritage

Since its establishment in 2013, Dragon Cloud Tea has been committed to spreading the rich heritage of Chinese tea culture to every corner of the world. This endeavor is not just a business venture; it represents a deep appreciation and commitment to preserving the cultural treasures of Chinese civilization.

Our story begins in the mist-covered tea mountains of China. In this ancient land, we discovered the magic of tea – more than a beverage, it is a cultural inheritance that carries the wisdom, philosophy, and emotions of millennia. The tea from this region encapsulates the ancestral knowledge and conveys the concept of harmonious coexistence with nature.

In the early days of entrepreneurship, we faced numerous challenges. However, our passion for tea culture and the determination to pass it on fueled our resilience. We understand that tea culture is a universal language that transcends borders, a thread that connects hearts and minds. Through Dragon Cloud Tea, we aspire to open a window for tea enthusiasts worldwide to explore the depths of Chinese culture.

Dragon Cloud Tea is not merely a tea company; it is a platform that embraces culture and conveys emotions. We are dedicated to presenting the unique beauty of Chinese civilization to the world, using the aroma and flavor of tea to express reverence and love for life and nature.

The power of tea culture knows no boundaries; it is a resonance that spans time and space, a dialogue that transcends borders. Throughout this long and beautiful journey, we firmly believe in the transformative power of culture, uniting people from diverse backgrounds to savor the beauty of life.

Today, we take pride in witnessing Dragon Cloud Tea become a global representative of international tea culture, connecting tea enthusiasts from different countries and regions. We will continue to move forward, injecting new vitality into tea culture and contributing to the preservation of Chinese civilization. Grateful for every moment spent in the fragrance of tea, this is not only a part of our dreams and mission but also a mark of respect for a millennium-old culture. Dragon Cloud Tea, may we continue to script the fascinating chapters of this cultural journey together.